After Carleton Watkins lost his negatives he started again with his New Series of Stereoviews. These start around number 3000. Carleton Watkins also purchased a set of Alfred Hart negatives of the construction of the Pacific Railroad from Sacramento to Promontory Point,  Utah where it joined the Union Pacific Railroad. These were published as Watkin's Pacific Railroad series (without credit to A.A. Hart).

Carleton Watkins was one of the best photographers of Yosemite of the 1860's through the 1880's. The website is a conglomeration of numerous private and public collections of Watkins Stereoviews. About two dozen of my stereoviews are included there. See J.G. Brayton in Miscellaneous Stereoviews for views that are the same as Watkins Great Geyser Springs views.

At some point in the 1870's Carleton Watkins lost his negatives to creditors who arranged for I. W. Taber to publish the stereoviews under the Taber imprint without credit to Watkins. Included below are also several pirated steroviews. The Taber view # 1176 may be by Taber as it is different from Watkins # 1176 on the website and I read somewhere that the conversion of the tree to a tunnel occurred after the time that the Watkins negatives came into Taber's hands.