Stereo World Magazine published a four part article in volumes 11-05, 11-06, 12-03 and 12-04 by Paul Hickman and Peter Palmquist. Peter also published potions of these articles (chronology) in " J.J. Reilly, a Stereoscopic Odyssey 1838 - 1894", Community Memorial Museum, Yuba City, CA., 1989.

Paul Hickman published a continuation/expansion/update of these articles in Stereo World volumes 33-04, 33-06 and 35-04.

J. J. Reilly

I was always interested in Yosemite Stereoviews. My wife and I spent part of our honeymoon in Yosemite back in 1973. I had bought groups of forty or fifty Carlton Watkins and John P. Soule stereos. I became interested in J. J. Reilly after a Peter Palmquist lecture and presentation at a NSA convention in Riverside. In particular the widespread use of the Reilly negatives by other publishers. I have organized my collection by location.

Reilly was shooting and publishing in the Summer Season in Yosemite and printing and publishing in the Winter in the early 1870's in Stockton, either independently or in partnership with Ormsby or  J. Pitcher Spooner (I have included a Spooner Stereoview with the back showing a camera with a J,  a Pitcher, and a Spoon with a "er" on the handle) .

J.J. Reilly was in Partnership with M.M. Hazeltine in 1876 and the cards were published as J. J. Reilly and Co. Reilly followed with three years in San Francisco and then in Marysville.  Click on the Image to see the Album.

J. G. Parks was a Montreal, Canada Photographer and Publisher. He was active from 1864 until 1895. the collection of Yosemite and the Highr Sierras has been attributed to J. J. Reilly although none of these images match any of my J.J. Reilly Stereoviews.